Welcome to Paradies Lagardère

We are not your average retailer so why not join the best?

As the travel retail industry leader in North America, Paradies Lagardère provides exceptional customer service, superior design, and award-winning store and restaurant operation and management.

Exciting Concepts: Food & Beverage, Specialty Retail and Travel Essentials; we have an ever-growing portfolio of brands in a diverse mix of categories such as fashion, luxury, electronics and more. Paradies Lagardère delivers the very best solutions – a favorite local concept or a highly-desirable international brand – that exceeds expectations for our airport partners and travelers.

Quality Solutions: Paradies Lagardère leverages years of knowledge and best practices in the travel retail industry to build upon our reputation for unmatched standards and industry-leading quality in store/restaurant design, construction, operations and customer service. We help our airport partners create dynamic and exciting retail and dining destinations.

People-Strong: Our highly-engaged teams focus on delivering excellence in travel retail. Paradies Lagardère takes care of our people through dedicated management, extensive training and unrivaled recognition programs.

Relationships: Paradies Lagardère focuses on building trust with our business partners, treating people with respect and conducting business with integrity.